71st session, Illegal_Cinema


Screening of Traité de bave et d’éternité (Isidore Isou 1951, 123 min), proposed by Loty Negarti, followed by discussion. 

“My friends told me, after seeing the recent American film on Rudolph Valentino, that they’d thought of me throughout the screening. Rudolph Valentino is a lower Isou of the tango age, just as Isou is a higher Rudolph Valentino (higher by several degrees of meaning) from the age of lettrist dance. Actually, I’m no more than the presentiment of the Rudolph Valentino I’ll become, in a world that will take on the appearance of my ideas and where there won’t be any more Valentinos from yesterday, just what there is of Isou today. Then, the ‘Isou’ in Rudolph Valentino will be appreciated, and Isou will be appreciated for the Isou in him, and not for what there was of Rudolph Valentino in him. But we’ve witnessed a decline in the quota of Rudolph Valentino in every creator, or, to put it more clearly, creators have destroyed Rudolph Valentino.” (Isidore Isou La transformación Isouana del cine).

Loty Negarti (1982) Musician and poet with broken hearing. He is still living in Muskiz.