At Illegal_Cinema, we watch and talk about films. At each session, one person chooses the audiovisuals and how to share them with the public. Anyone can propose a session, with two conditions: the proponent cannot show his or her own work, and must animate the discussion. Everyone is invited to take part in Illegal_Cinema and learn together.

Illegal_Cinema was conceived in 2007 by Marta Popivoda (, a member of the ThK platform (, in Belgrade, as a form of community self-education. Special editions were later held in Zagreb and Istanbul in 2008 and 2009, and ThK supported another Illegal_Cinema session at Les Laboratoires de Aubervillers, París ( In December the same year, Marta Popivoda visited Bulegoa z/b to present the project, and we have holding sessions in Bilbao ever since.

There is no curator or programmer for Illegal_Cinema. The coordinator receives each proposal and accompanies it on its way to each session, before and after. Jorge Nuñez, Cristian Villavicencio, Leire San Martín and Marion Cruza Le Bihan have coordinated sessions in the past. Ainara Elgoibar is taking over from October 2016. She will help to set up each screening and to overcome the small hitches that appear like a line of ants.

If you’d like to propose a film or audiovisual material, Ainara can be contacted at any of the Illegal_Cinema sessions, or at or