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“Under a juniper-tree the bones sang, scattered and shining We are glad to be scattered, we did little good to each other, Under a tree in the cool of day, with the blessing of sand, Forgetting themselves and each other, united In the quiet of the desert. (…)” Ash Wednesday by T. S. Eliot Screening…(Read More)

Screening of The Girls of Kamare (René Viénet, 1974), proposed by Yen Noh and Sven Lütticken and followed by discussion. René Viénet’s film The Girls of Kamare is largely based on the Japanese film Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom. A former member of the Situationist International and Sinologist, Vi…(Read More)

  • "Dark Matter Cinema Tarot" - Bombay Nocturnal Committee at CAMP, 2018

Dark Matter Cinema Tarot. A Nocturnal Committee in Bilbao. Session proposed by Leire Vergara and Pablo Marte. In conceiving the DMC Tarot, Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson have replaced the Major and Minor Arcana with a selection of still images drawn from cinematic memory. No longer tied to the symbolism of the classical tarot, the…(Read More)

Screening of Working Slowly (Lavorare con lentezza, Guido Chiesa, 2004, 111’), proposed by Silvia Coppola and followed by discussion. A truthful fragment of Bologna in the 70s and 80s, where workers and student movements were to change the context of the city through associationism, armed revolt and independent radios. Radio Alice 100.6 came out…(Read More)

Still from "Guahibos" (1976).

Transamerica: mirror and voyage Screening of several films by Ju4n D0wn3y, proposed by Camila Téllez and followed by discussion. The Looking Glass (1981, 28’49”) Guahibos (1976, 25’10”) The Laughing Alligator (1979, 27’) I would like to try to share this material here. It’s not easy to get hold of. Thanks to…(Read More)

"The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye", Marie Losier, 2011.

Screening of The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, Marie Losier, 2011, proposed by la santamari(c)a and followed by discussion. Love would seem to be the enemy of feminism. And how not to see it with suspicion? Love (romantic love, naturally) is the perfect lubricant for presenting the nuclear, heterosexual family as the…(Read More)

Baise-moi (Virginie Despentes & Coralie Trinh Thi, 2000). Screening proposed by Irantzu Varela, followed by discussion. Baise-moi was scandalously received when it first came out in 2000. This reaction is easy to understand when you see the film and would be even more extreme today. Too many of our social taboos are gathered…(Read More)

"Erie" (Kevin Jerome Everson, 2010)

Screening proposed by Aitziber Olaskoaga followed by a discussion. Stone (Kevin Jerome Everson, 2013, 6’38’’) Erie (Kevin Jerome Everson, 2010, 81’) This session features two films by Afro-American director Kevin Jerome Everson. A screening which poses questions around presentations and representations of the Afro-American community in the United States and the construction…(Read More)